Plans for the site

Plans for the site

Every month, I’ll try and release a post related to topics surrounding beermoney. I still have no clue what to write about, but I’m looking forward to it. I may also higher other people to write different content for the blog every now and then. What I do have in mind for the next few days is to start several posts revolving around the different beermoney websites I use as can be seen from the top of the page. i will be listing my overall usage of each website, their strengths/weaknesses, general patterns I’ve noticed through the years using them, and the consistency as well as legitimacy of each of them. Note that not all the sites I use at the top are the only ones I’m using. It’s important to keep searching for new ways to earn in order to succeed. By diversifying your options in the beermoney game, if one site deters you from using them due to broken functionality or in the unlikely event of shutting down, it’s crucial to stay ahead and research new sites that hold potential use for you later on.

I’m just barely starting, and I know most of my guides are still too general and broad (and yes, I will credit their sources of course) but I will mold them to be more personal and relevant to help new users figure out the best ways for them to earn as I explore different avenues of earning myself. Please look forward and have a read for a bit if anything helps. You might discover that one piece of information can open a plethora of opportunities waiting to be explored.

Happy earning!


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