More tips to earn on Swagbucks!

More tips to earn on Swagbucks!

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SBTV (10) / EntertaiNow (10) / (10) / (10) / (10) / Indymusic (10) + random additional bonuses– If you’re on Swagbucks, I’m almost positive you know about this already, but just in case (or to those who aren’t a member already), these are Swagbucks 5 cross-platform mobile apps that automatically cycle through videos and ads (although some days, the ads need to be x’d or closed out of, which sucks. Keep your device nearby just in case). The best videos to favorite are found in the “Short Clips” section available on all the apps with each video ranging from 25 seconds to 1.5 minutes. This is a total of 60+ SB per day with some limited babysitting, and is an amazing way to earn. I recommend picking up a $20-30 android phone (such as the LG Fuel, Samsung Galaxy Rush, ZTE Concord II (Metro PCS), or Kyrocera Hydro) to run these. It will pay for itself in no time.

Encrave or nCrave – Under the Discovery/Watch tab is a section called “Encrave/nCrave“. This is the #2 best passive earner. Mind you, it’s not 100% passive; you’ll need to make a couple clicks every few minutes to open a new activity when the previous one is completed. If you have 2 computers (like a laptop next to your desktop) or 2 screens, this is a cakewalk and not an issue; open an activity and keep the mouse in the active area until it’s done, or Ctrl+Tab away. If you only have one computer, you should open Swagbucks in another browser, mute that browser, open an auto-playing Encrave activity (they have a white circle with a blue arrow in the corner), turn on “Discovery Mode”, and Crtl +Tab away from the active tab. Come back in a few minutes, close the tab, and repeat all day. Basically, if you’re ever at a computer (where it’s allowed, obviously), you should be running this. It’s effortless points. Note that you can only have one single Encrave activity open at a time, I think even over multiple IPs. Now what’s important to note is that not all Encrave activities are equal, and you only want the ones that Autoplay. Most of the activities are actually very easy. Some vary throughout the day and depending on the time/availability of the ad.

RadioLoyalty – Under Special Offers, there’s a tab called “RadioLoyalty”. Go there, pick a genre, and listen (or “listen”) to the radio for 30 minutes. It’ll bring up a captcha; fill it out, and that’s 5 SB right there. If you can keep track of when to fill in the captcha, this can be a great earner if you’re at the computer for a long period of time.

The Swagbucks App – This refers to the actual “Swagbucks” app, not SBTV or EntertaiNow. This gives you some earning potential on-the-go, such as bonus SB when you shop at a nearby store, or app downloads. Check out the tabs under Discover, there might be some videos. I don’t have the tab, but I guess there is one called “Brand Connect” that has some easy videos to watch. Give it a look and see what’s available to you. Also note that this app alerts you when there are SB codes, where to find them, how much they are worth, and when they expire. It sometimes even has the code filled in for you and you just need to plug it in. That alone is a good enough reason to have the app on your device, IMO.


Earn X/Easy Swagbucks!; also Watch, Engage, and Earn! – This is a tile that shows up on the main page from time to time, usually earlier in the day. The number of times you can do it varies from 1 to a few, but it’s a very easy way to get a couple easy SB. Usually, the activity requires watching a video and clicking something once, and you’re done. It might take a little more interaction, but those will usually give more too. Either way, it’s like… 10-40 seconds to do. Not super passive, but wicked easy. Might as well. (The Daily Poll and the NOSO count here too; not really passive, but wicked fast and easy) Any “Watch this video” tiles tend to be worthwhile too, since they rarely require interaction beyond a single click to open it.


JunGroup Videos – This is less passive then Encrave, and works best with a nearby second computer or monitor, but is still passive-ish. These videos are found on the homepage (known around here as Laptop Guy). Sometimes, it’s a 15-30 second video that requires no interaction. Other times, you have to click to forward to the next clip a few times. These are best done when you can multitask them (like when watching Netflix or doing homework or something), since they require at least a little bit of attention. Still, they’re easy and can be great earners. Once you get into having to click through more than 5 videos, I don’t feel it’s worth it anymore. JunGroup videos vary from Really Good to Kinda Awful, so sometimes this won’t be worth it, and other times it’ll be a gold mine.

Radium One – I’m talking about the RadiumOne tiles on the main page, not the offer wall. On the main page, sometimes they put up little activities from RadiumOne that pay out a couple SB each. Most of the time (not always) they’re nothing more than a click or two, or watching a video. Beware the health “Quizzes”, those are a pain and I don’t find them worthwhile.

TrialPay – Normally, TrialPay (under Special Offers, in Discover) is a sign-up-for-points wall. However, they occasionally feature videos or very easy activities that can pay off very well, always as the first offer shown in the list. For example, there is currently (6/8/2014) an offer worth 11SB that literally only requires you click to view information on Financial Aid. That’s it; you can close the window almost instantly. Do it once a day. Other times they’ve had videos worth 2SB each that can be watched over and over. They don’t always have these, but if you check once a day you’ll know if they’re around, and when they are, they are definitely worth it and are very easy and passive. The other walls sometimes have videos, but typically they aren’t worth it or require actual browser focus, or are a pain in the ass to find.

Inbox Videos/Clicks – You know your Swagbucks inbox? I ignored it for a long time, but you probably shouldn’t. Almost always, the stuff they send isn’t worth doing or is not passive. On occasion, however, you’ll get a mail to watch a video or click a thing or explore a site for some easy SB. Sometimes the thing is repeatable, sometimes it isn’t, but it’s worth checking just in case.

SBTV (Desktop) – Under the Watch tab is Swagbucks TV (SBTV). In here, you watch varying playlists with a set amount of videos that auto-cycle similar to nCraves. In the name of passive earning, I don’t recommend this if you don’t have 2 monitors/computers, as it requires keeping track of when the next video can be opened (it’s not automatic), and without a second screen it’s a pain in the ass and takes up screen space. You’re welcome to give it a shot. It’s semi-passive.

Daily Goals – This is self-explanatory, but I want to emphasize how freaking important it is that you hit at least your first daily goal every day of the month, if possible. The daily goal changes, but if it averages 9 bonus points per day (first goal), that’s 270 points PLUS the 300 point bonus for the month-long streak. That’s a free $5.70 for literally nothing. Even if you can’t hit it every day of the month, you can get a decent bonus. Hitting the 2nd daily bonus is even better; you could earn up to/around $10 on the 5th/6th of the following month for doing nothing extra. It doesn’t get much more passive than that.

Shopping – If you do any shopping on the internet, make sure you check out Swagbuck’s Shop category. They have an enormous number of participating vendors, and if you have the Toolbar installed it will even tell you when a site you’re on qualifies. It’s usually not a ton (1-5% of your purchase), but hey, it’s free money. They even have 3% cashback on certain categories in Amazon, which is awesome for me since Magic cards are in the “Toys & Games” category. The vicious cycle feeds itself!

*Now, the following is not passive, but it’s a great earner anyways and I feel like it’s probably not well known. If you absolutely refuse to do surveys, skip here.

BIG BUCKS! surveys – Now, normally surveys on Swagbucks are crap. 50SB for 35 minutes of my time? That’s like $.25 per hour. No thanks. I’ll stick to mTurk. However, keep an eye on your Swagbucks inbox, because they like to send you invites to surveys, titled “BIG BUCKS! New Survey Opportunity”. A lot of times, these still aren’t worth it, but keep an eye out. Sometimes they can be worth a lot for very little time (eg: I’ve gotten 300SB for a <10 minute survey that got me into a focus group that has since given me even more AGC’s). My rule is ~100SB for 10 minutes, which is about $6.00 per hour. Typically I finish surveys faster than the expected time anyways. Obviously, it’s not passive and you can still be rejected, but these surveys are worth it for the potential payout, if the payout is high. You might have to contact Swagbucks support though, as I’ve had a couple not credit when they should have (it can take a while), but Swagbucks support is excellent and I’ve been credited for all the Big Bucks surveys I’ve done.

Earning on Swagbucks is wicked easy and can take very little effort. Just multi-task Swagbucks with whatever else you’re doing on your computer anyways and you’ll earn plenty for doing almost nothing. Keep swagging!


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