RadioEarn is a website where anyone can run radio stations in their browser and earn points, which get automatically converted to USD when you reach 1,000 points per month. You can even mute the stations while running them in the background!

The best part about this site is that it hardly takes up any resources so you can do things with Radioearn in the background. It doesn’t impede the performance of your computer that much so it’s a great way to passively earn without much interaction. The issue is that the radio might not work at times, so a quick refresh or browser restart would help greatly.


Currently, 1,000 points is equal to $3.15 USD for the month of November, however the point conversions fluctuate every month. Some are down, and some are up as can be seen down below.


Your points will be automatically exchanged to USD at the start of each month. You can get your payments through Paypal every time you have at least $5 dollars in value.

  • How To Earn

As mentioned, Radioearn has 4 radio stations you can run concurrently per IP address with the potential of more radio stations in the future. Every 15 minutes you get 0.25 pts / 1 IP (1 pts/hour) per radio.

0.25 points every 15 minutes = 1 point/hour

4 radio stations = 4 point/hour

4 * 24 hr = 96 points/day

96 * 30 day = 2880 points/month

1000 points = $3.15 as of November

2880 / 1000 * $3.15

= $9.072 per month total for each IP address at your disposal

I like how they seem to be scaling up in time by adding radio stations and increasing the value of points. This is definitely something you should add to your passive income repertoire.728-1.jpg.jpg