Hello! I’ve recently been using EarningStation to earn some extra cash while multitasking on my computer on a dual monitor setup. It’s extremely easy and you can earn at least 7 cents a day just clicking the daily to-do list links. However, I’ve been averaging a little over 50 cents per day watching videos.

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Daily Bonuses (To-Do List)

Doing daily tasks and earning bonuses on top of it are a great way of compounding earnings and maximizing your potential. Websites like Swagbucks, InstaGC, and PrizeRebel have the same model, but on EarningStation there are several tasks that pay you a few cents every day for minimal effort involved. The plan isn’t to be rich, but to earn slowly and reliably for a consistent routine. The ones in italics are the easiest to complete (they really only take a couple clicks). For example, you only need to watch one video in their video section to get the daily video credit and they autoplay with a captcha check for every 10 videos watched for 2 cents unlimited.

Daily Poll$0.02
Daily Video$0.02
Daily Dose$0.02
Daily Deal$0.02
Daily LiveSample$0.01
Daily Survey$0.02

Usually, I just click on the Daily Poll, Video, LiveSample, and Deal to get my free 7 cents and move on to easy tasks. The goal is to chain the daily goals by earning at least 25 cents per day to get $1.00 by the end of 10 days.

If you earn only $0.25 a day for ten days you get a $1 bonus. If you keep the streak up, every ten days the bonus increases and can be as high as $3.50. Very nice. The To-Do List tasks count towards this so you can get almost halfway there just by doing them. On top of the $1 bonus, when you hit 10 days you get a chance to “spin for a prize” that can include small amounts of money or larger gift cards. How exciting is that?:) Now that we have daily bonuses covered, it’s time to move on to the real earning opportunities.


You can’t talk about GPT sites without talking about surveys, and this site ranks among the best! (with a few caveats)

They have a few options for surveys:

  • A General Survey “Board”
  • Questionnaires
  • Peanut Labs
  • Daily Surveys (Best)

The “board” basically just has a list of surveys that you may or may not qualify for. I would only try this for shorter surveys with decent payouts. The questionnaires are basically just to collect demographic info and pay a small amount but don’t appear frequently. Stay away from Peanut Labs, they’re generally trash. The next category, “Daily Surveys” is where the good stuff is.

Skip to here for the good stuff: Those who are experienced at taking surveys have probably heard of the YourSurveys and LiveSample routers and know that they are some of the most popular survey routers to use. Sites like PrizeRebel and InstaGC are popular for these routers, so let’s compare their rates. Note: Lab42 Surveys are also available in this section as well but I’ve never completed any of these so I didn’t include them.

PrizeRebel$0.77$0.70 (BAD!)
EarningStation$1.00 (first 3)$1.50

As you can see, EarningStation has the best rates for both of these survey routers. Here’s the caveat: you can only complete 3 YourSurveys a day on EarningStation until the rate drops to $0.54 (you have to go to the AdWall offerwall to find these unlimited ones), so you might want to use a different GPT site after this if you want to do more at a higher rate after you’ve done them here. You can do 2 LiveSample surveys a day here which is an easy $3 a day! Time to move on to videos.


Are passive video earnings dying in general? Maybe? Does the video section on EarningStation suck? Not really.

There are two main video opportunities on EarningStation:

  • Video Channels
  • Smores/EngageMeTv

The video channels are playlists of videos with an ad in between. For every 10 videos you get $0.02. Some of the videos are quite long and others are short so it might be worth messing around with the different playlists to find what has the shortest videos at the moment. The tab as to be in the foreground for the videos to run. Is it worth it? I guess that’s up to you. I personally just do the one daily video for $0.02 and after 10 days of doing this I get an “extra” $0.02 because they add up.

Most people have some sort of experience with Smores/EngageMeTv at this point and know that it isn’t nearly as passive as it used to be (more captchas and stuff). I personally run it on an extra monitor while I am on my computer doing stuff. But here’s the good news! Earning Station matches the best of the best EngageMeTv rates at $0.01 per 3 ads! This is a good supplement to survey earnings if you run EngageMe!


I’m not going to say much here because I don’t have too much luck with offers. Just the random one here and there. EarningStation has their own “EarningStation Offerwall” with random offers. It also has the AdWall offerwall. It has a bunch of offers for shopping, downloads, free trials, mobile app downloads, sign-ups, coupon prints, and more general survey routers. It’s actually organized quite well and not totally trash. Moving on.


So you may be asking… “How do I get paid?”.

Here’s the one flaw of Earning Station: Your first cashout has to be a physical gift card ($10 minimum) to verify your address is in the US. This wasn’t really a hassle for me and I received my first physical gift card within 10 days, along with a nice letter from the EarningStation team :). The virtual cashout options are limited which is a bummer. However, most people are perfectly happy with PayPal and Amazon!

Here some of the cashout options:

PayPal ($25,$50)Amazon ($25)
Amazon ($25,$50)Best Buy ($10)
——————–Target ($10)
——————–Applebees ($25)
——————–Starbucks ($25)
——————–Walmart ($25)
——————–And more…

Overall, the cashout options are one of the areas of EarningStation that leaves the most to desired, but it could be worse.

Other stuff!

  • EarningStation is US-only and the minimum age is 16.
  • They allow 4 accounts per household (per their Help Center info)
  • Here is their “Help Center” if you need any other questions answered!


Until next time! Keep earning out there!