Having trouble redeeming your Gift Card on Realbucks?

Having trouble redeeming your Gift Card on Realbucks?

So there have been issues redeeming giftcards from Realbucks and its subsidiaries. I’m personally having trouble redeeming a few giftcards and have still not been honored after the waiting period of “2-3 days.” Apparently, there may be a bug in their system not fully realizing the redemption order and thus no orders getting through. I hope they can fix this soon a there are plenty of people, including me, who have been waiting patiently with no signs of getting our gift card yet.

Here’s a small workaround to getting their attention:

  1. Create an email to appfeedback@pchmail.com
  2. Contact them about the situation
  3. Add your email address used to register on their apps
  4. Also add your share code/refer code found on the “Refer friends” section

Follow these steps and they should deal with your issues accordingly. Thanks for the read!

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