Quick Summary

EarnHoney is currently in beta and is similar to your typical earning site where you can complete surveys, watch videos and play games. You’ll earn partial points called “Nectar”. Nine Nectar is worth 1 Honey Dollar (HD). What sets EarnHoney aside from the rest of the reward sites currently out there is its ability to be a passive earner through the Videos and Games the website. Payment Proof

Turn adblock off in order to get points.

Daily Login Bonus

Receive 5 HD per day for logging in during specified 1-hour windows. You can check the Daily Giveaway page HERE to see when you need to login/re-login to receive the 5 HD.

Earning Passively


The videos will autoplay after another with an advertisement played at the beginning of each video. This is one of the two passive ways to earn with EarnHoney. After every advertisement you’ll earn “Nectar” which is worth a part of a Honey Dollar (HD). If you’re familiar with Swagbucks this is similar to SBTV desktop where the bar fills up till you earn your SB.


This is the second way to passively earn with EarnHoney. The only game currently available to play is 2048. When you’re playing 2048, videos and their ads will play on the side of the webpage continuously, (similar to the videos section) earning you nectar for for every ad that plays. You don’t actually have to play the game in order to receive HD.

Note: You can open multiple windows of the Videos section and the Games section to earn with as long as you can see each window. However, if you earn over 100 HD/hr from the Videos and/or Games section you may get banned.



Complete the Badges on the right side of the Survey List. You’ll earn 5 HD immediately for each badge you complete. Completing the badges helps you qualify for more surveys relative to you. The rest is self explanatory. Do surveys, get the points it states you’ll earn.


Complete Peanut Lab offers or surveys to earn Honey Dollars (HD).


  • $1 Amazon: 90 HD Only available for your first redemption
  • $5 Amazon: 500 HD
  • $10 Amazon: 990 HD
  • $25 Amazon: 2,450 HD
  • $5 Paypal: 500 HD
  • $25 Paypal: 2,500 HD
  • $5 Unverified PayPal: 575 HD