See where my Beermoney earnings go!

Very rough month for beermoney earnings..

I’ve been having a tough time earning on the beermoney sites I’ve been using. Sites like Swagbucks and Earnhoney have been letting me earn less than $2 a day. Usually, I would be able to earn around $3 for on both sites each, but the ad drought has been hitting me hard. That is the nature of being a beermoney user though, and the plan is to adapt and pull through regardless of this minimal returns I’ve been receiving. I’ve been running a bit of PerkTV and YooLotto on my 3 Android devices to get by but it’s not earning very well. Sometimes, earning beermoney is very much not worth it, but I enjoy doing this. For almost no effort involved, it’s worth that much to its credit.

Thank goodness EngagemeTV works decent for the most part, but it is a very inconsistent earner all things considered. They also started doing security checks to see if I’m watching which hampers the overall passive experience, but it’s not too bad. Remember that the ads you will receive will only be as good as the quality of your IP and the location where you’re earning from.Things will definitely pick up, but for those who want to quit I advise coming back in a few months. Ads will definitely start flourishing again in due time.


Sorry if this post is extremely late, but for months Realbucks TV has been slowly getting worse and worse over that last few months as they continually made decisions that hurt the consumer using their applications. Some of these things were the continuous X-out ads that required human intervention. If one were lucky enough to get past these ads, RBTV would then use their own pop-up saying to invite friends. The worst part was that this notification popped up after every single video played, meaning that earnings were always stopped. This was just terrible. The icing on the cake was when RBTV decided to limit user earnings to $.40 cents a day. Just blew my mind how garbage the application became in terms of earning anything, so I stopped using them and have switched to other sources of Beermoney income such as EarnHoney, Yoolotto, and Nadamobile.


Extremely sorry if this blog has been dead for a while, but if people ever need any help with the websites I use, I still stand by the ones I’ve used to good effect.Please message if you need help. These websites are mainly used for the US though, so international users YMMV.

More tips to earn on Swagbucks!

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SBTV (10) / EntertaiNow (10) / (10) / (10) / (10) / Indymusic (10) + random additional bonuses– If you’re on Swagbucks, I’m almost positive you know about this already, but just in case (or to those who aren’t a member already), these are Swagbucks 5 cross-platform mobile apps that automatically cycle through videos and ads (although some days, the ads need to be x’d or closed out of, which sucks. Keep your device nearby just in case). The best videos to favorite are found in the “Short Clips” section available on all the apps with each video ranging from 25 seconds to 1.5 minutes. This is a total of 60+ SB per day with some limited babysitting, and is an amazing way to earn. I recommend picking up a $20-30 android phone (such as the LG Fuel, Samsung Galaxy Rush, ZTE Concord II (Metro PCS), or Kyrocera Hydro) to run these. It will pay for itself in no time. Read More

Plans for the site

Every month, I’ll try and release a post related to topics surrounding beermoney. I still have no clue what to write about, but I’m looking forward to it. I may also higher other people to write different content for the blog every now and then. What I do have in mind for the next few days is to start several posts revolving around the different beermoney websites I use as can be seen from the top of the page. i will be listing my overall usage of each website, their strengths/weaknesses, general patterns I’ve noticed through the years using them, and the consistency as well as legitimacy of each of them. Note that not all the sites I use at the top are the only ones I’m using. It’s important to keep searching for new ways to earn in order to succeed. By diversifying your options in the beermoney game, if one site deters you from using them due to broken functionality or in the unlikely event of shutting down, it’s crucial to stay ahead and research new sites that hold potential use for you later on.

I’m just barely starting, and I know most of my guides are still too general and broad (and yes, I will credit their sources of course) but I will mold them to be more personal and relevant to help new users figure out the best ways for them to earn as I explore different avenues of earning myself. Please look forward and have a read for a bit if anything helps. You might discover that one piece of information can open a plethora of opportunities waiting to be explored.

Happy earning!

Welcome to my blog!

Before I get things started, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Darkness447 and I’m a broke community college student studying full-time along with balancing obligations to my family, hobbies I enjoy, and a simple social life that I’m content with. School does not allow me to work as I have a full load along with terrible scheduling that makes it harder for me to attain one. For almost 3 years, I’ve been earning a few dollars a day on various websites in order to supply myself and it has been an enjoyable and challenging experience called beermoney.

From the UrbanDictionary, beermoney is “extra money for non-essential payments, available for spending on luxuries, hobbies, or a fresh pint of your favorite draft.” It can also be considered “discretionary income” in the sense that money you make on the side can go towards other necessities or expenses you wouldn’t otherwise have made. I know that not many people are enticed to make money earning a few cents per day, and that’s okay, but by taking into account the amount you could save up from these websites in the long run, it might just be worth it. There are times when I’m frustrated earning on these websites because of site functions , or a new ad quarter has started meaning that these websites must create new negotiations with ad and content providers lowering the amount of potential earnings for many users, or simply the site themselves changing various earning avenues that vastly affect the majority of its user base for no apparent reason. I have experienced these things quite commonly, but at the same time, there are also new boons of opportunity to earn elsewhere if you look hard enough.

I’ve earned over $5000 on multiple websites over these past 3 years, and it’s not a lot obviously, but that’s money I wouldn’t other wise have if I never started back then.My college tuition is free but I still have to pay for books, and receive allowance that barely covers the necessities I need like books and food. Beermoney helped me buy a new computer, allowed me to treat my friends, and pay for expense to help my family out in any form I can give. Beermoney CANNOT compare to a job and definitely not a career. A job is a job and all that it entails as well as a career that defines your future, but beermoney is an opportunity in the digital age waiting to be taken advantage of. I’m happy to share if you’d let me get stated.