Gain.GG – A new beermoney site!


Gain.GG is a site where you can complete offers, watch videos, complete surveys, download apps… pretty much do anything that you could think of to earn coins. On Gain.GG you’ll be earning coins for each offer you complete, and 1000 coins = $1.00.

If you are new to beermoney, Gain.GG is probably one of the best places to start. Here’s why: When most people try out beermoney for the first time, usually they’ll find a site with a high cash out minimum and burn themselves out with doubt before ever even reaching the minimum. Gain.GG has a low $0.01 minimum PayPal cash out with absolutely no fees. Even a total newbie to beermoney would be able to reach this minimum :).

Just because I think this site is extremely newbie friendly, that doesn’t mean that I don’t think this site would be good for someone who is an extremely seasoned beermoney user. In fact I think the opposite. There are plenty of reasons that I have made this site my go-to GPT site, so I think the best way to give you a full perspective on this is to make a pros/cons list.

ProsInstant PaymentsPayments for verified users are sent instantly! See more below.
$0.01 MinimumAll users have access to a low $0.01 minimum.
Lots of Cashout OptionsPayPal, OPSkins, BitSkins, BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH
High(est?) Paying OffersSee more below.
Steam BonusAdding ‘Gain.GG’ to your steam name will earn you a 5% bonus on all earnings.
Daily LeaderboardTop earners will earn a bonus on the daily leaderboard.
Sustainable Ref. System5% of your referrals’ earnings. See more below.
Very Responsive SupportSupport is directly in chat.
100 Coin Sign Up Bonus$0.10 bonus on sign up. You could cash it out instantly… if you wanted 😉 See more below.
ConsOnly Steam/Google Sign UpYou can only sign up using your google or steam profile. This is important! See more below.
Shows Full NameWhen you complete an offer your full steam/google name will show in the offer ticker. See more below.
Not Many Offer WallsHardly actually a con. They have the good ones. AdGate, Peanut Labs, OfferToro, Adscend, SuperRewards.

Instant Payments

Instant payments are a feature that is currently only available for users who are verified. It is written that you must complete 5-10 surveys before you’ll become verified, but even a single round of will count for one survey, so it’s really not difficult. Even when I was not verified my cash outs never took more than a couple hours.

High(est?) Paying Offers

This is the part where I am really going to go into specifics, but this is where I think most people’s interest will be at. To give you information as accurate as I can, I’m going to look at two offer payouts from some of the most common or popular offer sites and compare the payouts for two offers. You’ll find that pays out significantly more than some of the offer sites that you’re likely using right now. Here’s a breakdown:

Offer 1 is referring to the completion of one round of engageme.TV (three ads). If the site in question doesn’t have a 3 ad option, the rate will be scaled down to match the payout of three ads.

Offer 2 is the offer “Final Fantasy XV” (Android) found on the Adgate wall.

I’m going to compare the rate both in USD equivalent as well as percentage. No bonuses or fees whatsoever will be accounted for in the following calculations.

SiteOfferPayout% Inc/Dec$ Inc/Dec
SiteOfferPayout% Inc/Dec$ Inc/Dec

*I was unable to find the exact offer on my instaGC or Grindabuck adgate wall. Instead I found a different matching offer that was available and simply scaled it to the matching amount for this offer.

As you can see, Gain.GG clearly has higher payouts comparing to the most common beermoney sites. I do want to note that I didn’t do a full evaluation of all the offers or even offer walls on these sites. Just because ETV or Adgate wall pays higher on Gain.GG it does not necessarily mean that all offers or offerwalls pay higher.

Sustainable Referral Program

This is honestly one of my favorite features of this site. I’ve said in the past that it’s important to make a referral program that is sustainable, and the best way that a beermoney site can go about doing this is to not offer too high of a percentage of referral earnings or simply offer a sign up fee for each referral that a user gains. Gain.GG will pay you 5% of your referral’s earnings. That’s their entire referral program. Some people will actually find this to be a con since it’s not a very substantial amount, but if you think about it, it’s actually good. PrizeRebel is one of the most general sites for referrers, offering up to 30% of your referral earnings. This is not very sustainable for them because that essentially is lowering the ceiling for how high their payouts can go. Since Gain.GG isn’t paying out tons of referral bonuses, it makes it possible for them to offer higher payouts for offer completions.

100 Coin Sign Up Bonus

If you sign up to Gain.GG with a referral, you’ll get a 100 coin sign up bonus, which AFAIK the admin has announced that you might be able to cash out instantly, if you’d like to. Otherwise I think they might have a minimum of 5-10 ‘surveys’ that you’ll need to complete, so that could really just be 5-10 rounds of engagemeTV, which shouldn’t take very long at all, and you’ll be able to cash out for $0.14-$0.18 :).

Only Steam/Google Sign Ups

This is quite possibly the worst feature of the site. It makes it extremely easy to sign up since it’s just a few clicks, but the major downside is that when you sign up the site will give you a name, which would be either your Google name or your Steam name, and every time you complete an offer your name will show up on the ticker across the top of the site. If you don’t want your full name being revealed to the entire site, don’t sign up with Google, or change your name!.

I have been in contact with the admin to try and adjust how this ticker works or change it so that you would be able to opt out of having your name shown.

I recommend strongly that you sign up with steam. Here’s why: When you sign up with steam you can put ‘’ in your name and you’ll receive a 5% bonus on all offer completions. It won’t work for Engageme.TV, but if you use Hideout.TV you would be able to cash out more than 20 points and receive a bonus that way.

NOTE: If you changed your name on steam but it isn’t showing the bonus as being active, the bonus likely is still crediting, just check. If it really bothers you, try logging out and logging back in.


Here’s my referral link if you’d like to sign up with that. I’d greatly appreciate it. Also feel free to start a referral train in the comments 🙂

From what I can tell, this site is extremely good for beermoney users, and if it keeps up the way that it is, I could find myself using it for the long term for sure. They have instant payments, no minimum cashout, and some of the highest payouts. I’d really recommend signing up and trying this one out!

Swagbucks Payment Proof!

If you haven’t tried Swagbucks, you should. I’ve been using the rewards in the latter half of 2013 and have earned close to $8000 in Paypal and Amazon redemptions. It’s easy to think that it’s impossible to hit these numbers but this guide can easily help you get on your feet and start earning $1-$2 a day without much effort. I’ve been running Swagbucks passively without much effort and still make a solid amount of pocket change. You’re not going to get rich, but beermoney is a way to earn some small money online. I rarely ever had a problem redeeming off of Swagbucks!

Proof of my payments with them here:

Happy earning out there!

How to earn with: Radioearn!

RadioEarn is a website where anyone can run radio stations in their browser and earn points, which get automatically converted to USD when you reach 1,000 points per month. You can even mute the stations while running them in the background!

The best part about this site is that it hardly takes up any resources so you can do things with Radioearn in the background. It doesn’t impede the performance of your computer that much so it’s a great way to passively earn without much interaction. The issue is that the radio might not work at times, so a quick refresh or browser restart would help greatly.


Currently, 1,000 points is equal to $3.15 USD for the month of November, however the point conversions fluctuate every month. Some are down, and some are up as can be seen down below.


Your points will be automatically exchanged to USD at the start of each month. You can get your payments through Paypal every time you have at least $5 dollars in value.

  • How To Earn

As mentioned, Radioearn has 4 radio stations you can run concurrently per IP address with the potential of more radio stations in the future. Every 15 minutes you get 0.25 pts / 1 IP (1 pts/hour) per radio.

0.25 points every 15 minutes = 1 point/hour

4 radio stations = 4 point/hour

4 * 24 hr = 96 points/day

96 * 30 day = 2880 points/month

1000 points = $3.15 as of November

2880 / 1000 * $3.15

= $9.072 per month total for each IP address at your disposal

I like how they seem to be scaling up in time by adding radio stations and increasing the value of points. This is definitely something you should add to your passive income repertoire.728-1.jpg.jpg